Multiple Teams · MEC STAR Recipients Announced

2020 MEC STAR Recipients

The MEC Star Award recognizes two students from each of the 10 Mid-Eastern Conference Schools. Students must be seniors who have shown outstanding characteristics such as citizenship, leadership, service, and academics. The award is based on the all-around student who is a true asset to the school and community. Each student also selects a teacher that has had a postivie influence on them during the high school career.

Cowan High School is proud to announce this years recipients of the MEC STAR awards are Alexis Quirk and Simon Underwood.

Alexis Quirk

Alexis is the daughter of Scott and Michelle Quirk.  Alexis currently ranks 1st in her class and maintains a 4.1 GPA.  Not only is Alexis an outstanding student, but she is also a true leader outside the classroom.  She is involved in a number of different activities and groups.  Some of those activities include: Student Council, Key Club, National Honor Society for 2 years, Prom Committee, TRIBE Mentor Program, Cross Country, Basketball, Softball, Cheerleading, FCA, Campus Life, and she has also been a 4 year member of the Delaware County PRIDE Team.  As you can tell, Alexis is a top notch young lady who has been a true asset to Cowan.  Alexis plans on attending Ball State University in the fall to major in Psychology.

Alexis chose Mr. Aaron Groves as the teacher that has had an impact on her high school career.  Alexis says “In high school, we only see our teachers for less than an hour each day. With little time for our teachers to cover material, it may be hard for teachers to make greater impacts on our lives as students. However, Mr. Groves has done just that in my life, and I’m sure in many other students’ lives. Mr. Groves has not only made me a better student, but a better person as well.

During my junior year I was in his AP U.S. History class. I struggled with the material. He pushed me to study more and in different ways. I learned how to take better notes, and I asked questions. By the end of the year, I realized that the class prepared me for my future education.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Groves is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor. Every Monday morning our FCA huddle met to share devotionals, songs, prayer requests, and praises. Mr. Groves has continued hosting meetings via Zoom, so that I, along with other students, can still share our love for Jesus with each other. Mr. Groves’s dedication and compassion for FCA and students have helped me strengthen my relationship with Jesus. He has impacted my life in many more ways than just my education.’

Simon Underwood

Simon is the son of Scott and Tammy Underwood.  Simon has been a standout student-athlete during his high school career at Cowan.  He also maintains a 4.1 GPA and is currently ranked 2nd in his class.  Like Alexis, Simon is extremely active outside of the classroom.  He is a two year member of the National Honor Society, student council member, Key Club, FCA, Campus Life and a four year varsity basketball player.  During his four year basketball career, Simon was the team captain during his Sophomore, Junior and Senior season.  Simon helped lead the Varsity Basketball Team to its second sectional championship in school history and it’s first since 1976.  Simon plans on attending Ball State University to major in Nursing.

Simon chose Mr. Lee Ingles as the teacher that has made an impact during his time as a Blackhawk. Simon says “The teacher that has been the most influential in my life for the past six years is Mr. Lee Ingles. In the classroom, he is a fun, creative teacher who finds ways to make his students feel excited to go to PE class no matter how the rest of their day has gone. I have been lucky enough to be his student and a player on his basketball team, which is where he has influenced me the most.

I have been on Coach Ingles’ team for each of the past four years, and his message to his players has never changed. He loves the game of basketball, and he wants to win; however, he makes it translucent that his main goal as a coach is not to help us become great basketball players, it is to create responsible, mature young men. Year in and year out, he works his very hardest to accomplish this goal. I, for one, can say that I am a better person because of Coach Ingles. His dedication, integrity, and sound morals make him a perfect role model for every player on his team.”

Congratulations Alexis and Simon!!

Congratulations Mr. Groves and Mr. Ingles!!!!