Girls 7th Grade Volleyball, Girls 8th Grade Volleyball · 7th & 8th Del. Co. VB Tny Information




Location:                             Daleville High School (main gym and auxiliary gym)

Date:                                     Saturday, October 10, 2020

Starting Time:                    9:00 am (each match will begin 15 minutes after the previous match)

Officials:                               Robert Barker, Enda Carey, Cambry Chambless, Paul Shaver

Admission:                         $5.00 students and adults

Masks are required at all times while in the building

Bottom team in each bracket is the designated home team and will keep the official book for the match.  Rally scoring, best 2 of 3.  Game 1 & 2 to 25 points, cap is 25.  Game 3 if needed will be to 15 points, cap is 15.

7th grade (auxiliary gym)         Bracket: 2020 7th grade vball bracket

Match #1 – 9:00 AM                                       Delta (V) vs Wes-Del (H)

Match #2 – 10:00 AM                                     Cowan (V) vs Selma (H)

Match #3 – 11:00 AM                                     Winner of Match #1 (V) vs Daleville (H)

Match #4 – 12:00 PM                                     Winner of Match #2 (V) vs Yorktown (H)

Championship 1:15 PM                                  Winner of Match #3 (V) vs Winner Match #4 (H)


8th grade (main gym)               Bracket:  2020 8th grade vball bracket.xlsx

Match #1 – 9:00 AM                                       Cowan (V) vs Selma (H)

Match #2 – 10:00 AM                                     Delta (V) vs Wes-Del (H)

Match #3 – 11:00 AM                                     Winner of Match #1 (V) vs Yorktown (H)

Match # 4 – 12:00 PM                                    Winner of Match #2 (V) vs Daleville (H)

Championship 1:15 PM                                  Winner of Match #3 (V) vs Winner of Match #4 (H)

Each school is responsible for providing one line judge for their match.  This must be an adult.  Each school should provide a scorekeeper.  Scorekeepers must sit at the scores table.  The home team will be designated as the official book for matches.

Warm-ups: 12 minutes (each team will be allowed 6 minutes on the net.  Visitors will use the net first.)

The Championship game will begin 15 minutes after the last semi-final game.

Only players and coaches participating will be admitted free.

Coolers will NOT be allowed in the building. (Please share with parents and fans)

Concessions will be available and adjusted to the needs of an all-day event.