Multiple Teams · 20-21 Cowan Athletic Winter Sport Season Spectator/Game Information

20-21 Cowan Athletic Winter Sport Season Spectator/Game Information

(Updated Nov. 17, 2020)

Entrance and Ticketing

(Capacity = 250 people total in the HS gym if county is orange)

(Capacity = limited to participants, coaches, & essential personnel if state is red)

  • All HS and JH games will be played in the HS Main Gym unless notification is given in advance that an event will be held in the Auxiliary gym.
  • Tickets are $5.00 for all events
  • Spectators should enter door #2 (door #19 if event is in the Aux. Gym)
  • No sign-ins or all sport passes of any kind will be allowed at the door. (Exception – Cowan Athletic Life Time passes)
  • In-person scouting will not be allowed.
  • Ticket vouchers will be used for JV/Varsity Boy’s games and Varsity Boys/Girls DH games. All other events will be first come, first serve with a maximum capacity of 250 people when played in the HS Main gym. (This includes team, coaches, workers, spectators, and pep band if they are in attendance)
  • Limited seating will be available in the Aux. gym when it is used. Communication will be sent to visiting teams concerning seating limitations. Vouchers may be used for Aux. Gym events.

Mask/Social Distancing Requirements

  • All spectators must wear a mask (face covering) at all times.
  • Coaches and players must wear a mask (face covering) when not engaged in strenuous activities or when a minimum of 6’ of social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Face coverings may be lowered only when eating and/or drinking.
  • Spectator’s should maintain social distancing when in concession line or in restroom line.

Gym Seating

  • Home team fans will sit in the South Bleachers. Visiting Team fans will sit in the North Bleachers.
  • A limited number of handicap seats will be available on the floor. Families may sit together in the bleachers but must maintain social distancing between families.
  • Rows in the bleachers will be closed off with signs/caution tape. Spectators will need to sit every other row.
  • There will not be a designated student section for Boys basketball games.


  • Concessions will be available but will be limited to candy, pop, popcorn, pretzels, and nachos. All items will be pre-packaged or individually wrapped.
  • Spectators are required to wear a mask at all times while in the concession line or hallway.

Basketball Adjustments

  • Visitors will have access to a locker room but should limit the number of players to 15 at a time.
  • Visitors will need to bring their own basketballs to use for warmups.
  • Players/Coaches on the bench should wear a mask at all times.
  • Visitors may have one bookkeeper seated at the score table.
  • Visiting Cheerleaders will not be allowed to be in attendance.

NOTE:  The above information is subject to change based on State and Local Health Department Guideline changes.